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    The Ocean is the one ecosystem that touches upon the most SDGs. it represents our best opportunity to develop a more responsible and equitable economy while mitigating climate change most effectively. As human populations expand and societies flourish, so does our knowledge and impact. We now know and understand the consequences of unsustainable business and the important role the ocean plays in both trade and climate change. These challenges give us a unique opportunity to enable a paradigm shift and nurture an environmentally resilient, socially conscious
    and profitable economy that effectively mitigates the ocean’s overexploitation, pollution as well as the effects of global warming on the ocean.

  • We believe the solution lies in innovations enabled by science, technology and entrepreneurship. Together, and if adequately supported, they can bring about the necessary disruptions to our systems and modus operandi to restore our balance with the ocean at the required pace and scale,
    because we are running out of time. We need to unleash the disruptive power of start-ups! And for this, we need to support bright entrepreneurs with enabling capital and capacity to catalyse good growth.

    ForSea Invest optimises the financing of positive impact start-ups involved in improving Ocean Health, Equity, Sustainability and Knowledge (as recommended by the Ocean Panel and the UN Ocean Decade).
    We focus on supporting businesses from pre-seed to series A. With hands-on support to both grow the business and handle these early start fundraising stages.

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  • OceanHub Africa

    Most of our revenues are directed to promote and grow the activity of OceanHub Africa,
    a not-for-profit company accelerating
    ocean-impact startups in Africa and promoting sustainable blue growth through innovation internationally.

    To know more, please click here.

  • Startups portfolio

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    Innovative insect protein company

    Inseco is a South African startup that uses insects to convert waste food and other organic byproducts into proteins, oils, and fertilizer.
    Inseco raised $5.3 million in funding (the largest-ever seed round in Africa).

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    Turning Waste into clothing

    Apnée Swimwear is using 100% recycled polyester fibre, an eco-responsible material to turns waste into a resource.
    1 swimshort = 10 recycled plastic bottles .

    1 parka = 25 recycled plastic bottles.

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    Waste management specialist

    Keenat is a french startup that helps all projects related to the environment, waste management as well as in the strategic development of SSE and circular economy projects.